Seville Early Music Festival with the Figueiredo Consort (9 Deutsche Arien, Händel)

“Julia Kogan...afrontó el reto con apreciable éxito, que se apoyó en una voz cálida, redonda, un fraseo elegante y expresivo y una notable facilidad para los pasajes de agilidada... ”


“Julia Kogan faced the challenge with considerable success, supported by a warm voice, round, elegant and expressive phrasing, and a remarkable knack for coloratura passages.”

Pablo J. Vayon, Diario de Sevilla, 4/4/2009



Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall with Chamber Orchestra Kremlin


“Julia Kogan, a bright-voiced Ukrainian-born soprano, sang Brodsky's texts, including "The Fifth Anniversary" and "Stone Villages," in both Russian and English. Before the fanciful "New Jules Verne," the final poem, she darted offstage and returned with props, including a letter. There was also amusing participation from orchestra members wielding placards. At one point a violist stood up and said, "Ten years later," before Ms. Kogan, a lively actress, resumed singing, bottle of booze in hand.”

Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times, 14/2/2008



Library of Congress Concert Series with Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

“The song cycle sets Russian and English-language texts by the Soviet-exiled Joseph Brodsky, the former U.S. poet laureate, to a stratospheric soprano line (pert and nimble-voiced Julia Kogan up to the challenge)...”

Joe Banno, The Washington Post, 18/2/2008


Newcastle Baroque Early Music Festival with the Newcastle Baroque orchestra (Vivaldi)

“Soprano Julia Kogan maintained superb evenness of tone...”

Thomas Hall, The Journal, 11/3/2008



Indianapolis Opera

“The Queen of the Night (Julia Kogan) sailed through her coloratura with ease.”

Charles H. Parsons, Opera News, 1/2008


“Julia Kogan…has returned to make her Indianapolis Opera debut as the Queen of the Night, and it's a thrilling performance. Kogan sings a dazzling version of the Queen's famous second-act aria.”

Whitney Smith, The Indianapolis Star, 30/9/2007

Mallorca Concert with Chamber Orchestra Kremlin

“Bendinat se rinde a la magia de Julia Kogan en su debut en Mallorca, ante 1.200 espectadores. [Ella] consiguió un éxito sin precedentes…sus excelentes cualidades liricas consiguiendo emocionar al público. Julia Kogan es una soprano de coloratura con una voz de extraordinarias características que le permite tener un registro agudo muy amplio y una voz ligera.”

“Bendinat surrenders to the magic of Julia Kogan in her Mallorca debut in front of 1,200 spectators. [She] was an unprecedented hit…her excellent lyrical qualities elicited an emotional response from the public. Julia Kogan is a coloratura soprano whose voice has extraordinary characteristics allowing her to have an ample high register while maintaining a light voice.”

Diario de Mallorca, 20/8/2007

“Julia Kogan triunfa en Bendinat…”

“Julia Kogan triumphs in Bendinat…”

Ultima Hora 20/8/2007

Limoges Opera

“Julia Kogan incarne une Zerbinetta pétillante et décidée…elle surmonte avec aisance les difficultés de cette partition. Le timbre est séduisant, les aigus percutants et dans le haut medium, elle ne perd jamais ses harmonies.”

“Julia Kogan embodies a bubbly and confident Zerbinetta…she easily surmounts the difficulties of this score. The timbre is seductive, the high notes carry well, and in the upper medium, the voice never looses its overtones.”

Jean-François Julien, Le Populaire du Centre 10/12/2006

Steyr Music Festival

"… schillernd die lupenreine Königin der Nacht Julia Kogans …"

"shined Julia Kogan’s flawless Queen of the Night"

Michael Wruss, OÖ Nachrichten, 30/7/2005

"Eine brillante Königin der Nacht ist Julia Kogan..."

"A brilliant Queen of the Night is Julia Kogan."

Kronen Zeitung, 30/7/2005

"...schauspielerische Fähigkeiten … gesanglichen ebenbürtig sind."

"acting fluency … as good as the singing."

Der Standard, 9/8/2005

Avignon Opera

"Julia Kogan, qui incarne la Reine de la Nuit en modulant son chant avec autant d’intelligence que de brio."

"Julia Kogan, who embodies the Queen of the Night with intelligence and dazzle."

La Provence, 22/11/2005

"Julia Kogan fut une très belle Reine de la Nuit."

"Julia Kogan was a very beautiful Queen of the Nigh.t"

Philippe Gut, Vaucluse l’Hebdo, 25/11/2005

"...une brillante Reine de la Nuit."

"...a brilliant Queen of the Night"

La Marseillaise, 23/11/2005